There is a strong trade, which happens within the region as well as proximity to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Egypt has a promising future in the transport and logistics segment. For example, about 10% of the worldwide cargo goes via the Suez Canal, creating a big desire for warehousing, logistics services, as well as storage operations. Egypt government has started programs making the country a worldwide logistics center and inspiring foreign investments in various sectors. Several major development projects have been completed at the end of 2018 including the construction of the Shubra–Banha El road, which is 40 km on the Nile in the northern arch.



Kuwaiti’s Agility, logistics’ giant, has made a contract with Egypt’s Suez Canal Economic Zone to build a new logistics hub in East Port Said. The hub will feature the latest logistics infrastructure to provide better facilities, like warehousing of raw materials, and distribution chain for imports and exports. Some of the logistics companies in Egypt include Agility Logistics, Hellmann Logistics, Ceva Logistics, DSV, DHL, Seko Logistics, DB Schenker, OOCL Logistics, Dispatch Global Logistics, Emirates Logistics LLC, as well as EGY logistics.

Egypt Economy

Egypt’s has a 52.5 economic freedom mark, enabling its economy to be at 144th freest as per the 2019 Index. Its overall index has declined by 0.9 points, with decreases in indexes for business freedom, monetary freedom, as well as judicial efficiency overwhelming developments in property rights including government spending.


Agility Logistics

Offers customs clearance amenity at every Egyptian port. Devoted employees with over 20 brokers as well as outsourced brokerage companies. Abilities include the creation of SLA and SOP per customer necessities; acquiring clearance at merged warehouses, free zones and dry ports; as well as conducting special market research in customs.




Agility functions from four positions in Egypt, each providing superior resolutions for the transport of time-sensitive shipment as well as online tracking of products movement overland and via main seaports and air.

Ceva Logistics

The firm designs, implements and operates complex, end-to-end agreement logistics and freight organization resolutions for medium and large-sized multi-national and national firms. Additionally, the firm has worldwide reached over 160 nations and 1,000 operating sites.




In Egypt, the firm offers both freight supervision as well as contract logistics services via their partner I.B.A Freight Services. I.B.A’s services entail all ocean air, as well as road transportation, means, export, and import consolidation, brokerage, customs clearance, and project management, distribution and warehousing, cross-dock services, specific services for oil and gas customers and packing.

Seko Logistics

The firm manages an entire e-commerce supply chain covering worldwide fulfillment, returns solutions, and delivery management, including e-commerce design and development. SEKO offers a suite of logistics amenities that allows employment of the supply chain as the competitive differentiator.



As a client-centric company, the firm has powered the expertise of the individuals as well as their in-house advanced, best in class, customized logistics technology. Subsequently, the firm has 120 offices in more than 40 nation worldwide enabling global execution experience in their services with diverse skills.

Sharaf Logistics LLC

Sharaf Logistics LLC in Egypt has the head office in Cairo offers full-fledged facilities for transport and freight services. It is an entire resolution provider for airfreight, ocean freight, local and international freight as well as Personal management. It has a dynamic mixture of a skilled team of individuals, combined worldwide expertise as well as a broad network of agents and offices global enabling them to deliver seamless resolutions to all consumers. Additionally, it has 8,300 sq. Meters warehouse facility being constructed in Cairo




The building has been designed to act as clients’ warehousing as well as distribution office; full with WMS combined to conform precisely to the clients’ systems.